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Best Python book to learn in 2019

Hi guys, I really hope this article will help you to get the right Python book to read in 2019.

Python has gained popularity in 2018, according to the TIOBE Index (, it's the third just under Java and C.

Python is commonly used for writing a script, web server, data analysis, and Machine Learning as there are a lot of excellent supported libraries.

If you have to learn this language for your Computer Science degree or use it for your career and you are looking for a great resource. This is one of the best Python books I strongly encourage you to read in this 2019.

Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming


This is by far the best Python book I've read. If you already know the basics of Python, this book will take you to the next level.

I found myself learn a lot from this book, not just the language features but also how to write the code in the more elegant and expressive way.

Luciano Ramalho did a good job, put everything together in this book, clearly describe almost every aspect of this language and also includes the history of Python in a fun way.

This book is not just the how and the what but the why. (Why we write the code this way, why we use this way to solve the problem.) It also shows many ways of writing the code to achieve the same things with the expert opinions.


You will learn these things from the book: - Data Structure - Functions and Closures - Object Oriented in Python - Control Flow - Coroutines - Concurrency - Meta-programming

This book got 4.6 stars on Amazon You can get it from here:

Happy new year 2019 guys, hope this article will help you get the right python book to read in 2019.

I wish you guys happiness and success this year!

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